I am Kayley, portrait photographer and Mum of two little girls, based in Nantwich, Cheshire.

I’ve always loved photography and took a camera on every holiday I went on as a child. I loved taking the pictures into school to show my friends and teachers. I remember my third year primary school teacher complimenting me for my photography skills, this has stuck with me throughout my life.

Capture every


I think I really began to understand the true value of photos when I had my first child. She was born early and weighed a tiny 3lb 6oz and had to stay in special care for 6 weeks, being separated from her was very hard but I surrounded myself with photos that had been taken throughout her journey. Looking back now I find it hard to imagine that she was ever that small and without these precious photos I probably wouldn’t believe it.

Since then I have made sure I have captured every moment with a photo, babies are not small for very long at all so these photos have captured the moments which will create treasured memories for years to come.

Your tiny newborn baby is very precious and that is why I put safety and comfort of your little one above anything. I have been training for over 4 years and have spent a lot of time and money learning how to achieve beautiful photographs safely.

I have taken part in workshops, online courses, two-day hands-on training with a top photographer and this year I have been part of an ongoing mentoring programme which has covered posing babies safely, angles to shoot photos, parent and sibling shots and editing.

I have also had maternity, children’s portrait and lighting training.