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Life goes fast, but with Kayley Maughan Photography, you can celebrate the tiniest (and grandest) moments throughout your lifetime. Now known as a renowned Photographer Cheshire, residents have come to love and trust; you can count on me to deliver every time! I am here to serve all your family photo needs, including maternity, newborn, older babies, and growing families.

Long gone are the days of boring, bland, and unappealing photographs. We take photography to the next level, telling stories, showcasing personalities, and bringing to life each photo. I take your needs seriously, first understanding what you are looking for and then developing a creative plan of action to bring your vision to life. If you are not the creative type, don’t worry, I can help create a scene you will love for years to come.

The Exceptional Photographer Cheshire Deserves

Everyone deserves to have stunning photos they can proudly display. I ensure you receive premium quality photographs that look good on the wall, on a screen, or anywhere else. I use professional equipment, proven setups, and the latest techniques to deliver unbeatable pictures. If you are in the Cheshire area, be sure to look at my services to see if they suit your needs, or check out my Facebook page for the latest photos I’ve taken.

Photography Services

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Maternity Photography

A picture is more than just a picture, especially when it comes to maternity. Maternity pictures are often the most difficult to capture, making it a good idea to seek professional help to showcase your beautiful bump. Expecting mothers are sometimes unsure about maternity pictures but nearly always happy when they see the end result. I am here to provide the trust, care, and relaxing professionalism so we can deliver precious pictures of you and your baby. Learn more about my maternity photography

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Newborn Photography Cheshire

Newborns are in a precious stage that quickly comes and goes making it essential to be ready for professional photos. Finding a photographer Cheshire approves of ahead of time is of the essence when it comes to newborn photos. If you are expecting or have a newborn, see my complete list of newborn photography Cheshire services. 

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Older Babies Photography 

As babies quickly develop, it is essential to capture each stage. This service is perfect for babies who can now sit but are unable to crawl. My calm, relaxed, and baby-led service help bring out your baby’s smile, personality, and character. I take various photos from themed, close up and custom, so be sure to reach out or check the older babies page for more information. 

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Family Photography Cheshire

Family pictures don’t have to be a struggle and are always worth it in the end. It can be difficult taking pictures of one person, let alone a growing family, but I have my ways of showcasing your entire family in the best light possible. Be sure to check out the family photography Cheshire page to learn more.