Prints v’s Digitals


So, we all know what a print is, it’s an image printed onto photographic paper and is available in many sizes, a popular size is 6×4.  When you buy a print you are not simply paying for the paper, you are buying a copy of an image, and its the image that is on

the paper that gives its value. Think about bank notes, they’re all made of paper but its the image printed on it that gives it a value. I use a professional print lab to print my images as the print quality is very high, I would not recommend printing from a high street printer as the quality isn’t as good as a printing lab.


I capture your images using a digital camera and these images are in a digital format. I then edit those images on a computer, and create the final image you can then purchase.These digital files are what you may then choose to buy, and are usually supplied to you on a USB or available to download.

Unlike a print, a digital image is a file that can be duplicated again and again, so you can use them to create prints as many times as you wish. You receive the printing rights with digital images so you can print from those files for personal use as often as you want. You do not get this with a paper print.